Resources for Publishers

The St. Louis Publishers Association strives to help authors and publishers create, produce and market books. The following articles, web sites, and other resources can expand your knowledge of the book publishing business. Look for additional resources at our monthly meetings.


Beginner's Tips
SLPA advice for aspiring authors and publishers

What Kinds of Freelance Editors Are There?
This synopsis defines the distinctly different types of editing, and editors, required by a book in development.
By Andrew Doty

The Copyediting Process in a Nutshell
What is the copyediting process? Find out in this one-page summation. 
By Katherine Pickett

Why You Need a Professional Book Designer
Your book cover is the single most important marketing tool you have to sell your book.
By SLPA members Peggy Nehmen and Bobbi Linkemer

Is Independent Publishing for You?
Quick, concise clarification of what it really means to publish your book independently.
By SLPA member Linda Austin

Methods of Publishing
Brief yet thorough explanation of the different methods available to publish your book, with pros and cons.
By SLPA member Linda Austin

Self-Publishing: How Much Will It Cost?
Ballpark figures of rates and fees, to help you estimate the cost of publishing your book.

Getting Your Book into the Marketplace
How do you get your print book into the bookstores, and where else can you sell it?
By SLPA member Linda Austin

How to Start a Publishing Business in Missouri
The basic steps to forming a company so you can make money as a publisher selling your books.
By SLPA member Linda Austin

Sales Tax Basics for Writers by Helen Sedwick


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