Guidelines for Submission  SLPA authors, speakers, and service providers

One of the foremost advantages of your SLPA membership is a listing in one or more of the following directories: our online book catalog, speakers’ bureau, and/or registry of vendors and service providers. Everyone who visits our website will immediately see your offering and contact information.

All members in good standing are entitled to include up to three books in our online catalog, list talks and presentations on publishing-related topics, and highlight one service (e.g., editing, book design) you provide to authors. We encourage you to take full advantage of this terrific member benefit.

Below are the requirements and submission guidelines for each directory. The listings are updated monthly. If you have new content, please submit it to the SLPA Webmaster, and allow 30 days for posting.

Book Catalog

In order to be listed in the online book catalog, your book must be published and available for sale. Please include distributors, bookstores, and/or other retail sales outlets where your book may be purchased. If your book is available online—on your own site or the retailer of your choice—provide the complete website URL. In addition, send a JPEG of your cover, a succinct description of your book, and a brief bio. (See other members’ listings for examples.)   Book Catalog Guidelines.

Speakers Bureau

Expert Speakers are invited to list your subject matter and type of presentation in our speakers’ bureau. We will provide a link to your website. If you are an SLPA member with experience in public speaking, and would like to be included in our Speakers Bureau listing, please send the following:

    1.  High-resolution book cover file - 3x4 inches or bigger / 300 dpi (dots per inch):  .jpg, .png, or .pdf
    2.  Category ___ Fiction     ___ Nonfiction     ___ Children
    3.  Book Title
    4.  Author(s)
    5.  Publisher
    6.  ISBN
    7.  Price: $
    8.  Page Count/Binding
    9.  Available through
    10.  Book Description: (75 words max)
    11.  Author Bio: (40 words max)
    12.  E-mail
    13. URL / your website

Vendors & Service Providers

SLPA members in good standing who run a business that involves some aspect of book publishing are encouraged to have their enterprise included in the SLPA’s online list of service providers. Limit one ad per member. Please send us your company information.

  1. Image of your company logo – 300 dpi (dots per inch) JPG
  2. Type of publishing service – Book Designer, Editor, Illustrator, Printer, Book Coach/Consultant, Marketing/Public Relations
  3. Company name
  4. Brief brand statement and description of services (75 word max)
  5. Company Website address (URL)
  6. Contact name
  7. Address
  8. Phone
  9. Email
Review other listings of publishing service providers on the SLPA website for examples.
Please submit to: and allow 30 days for posting. 
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