Speakers Bureau

Andrew Doty

St. Louis, MO



Andrew Doty began publishing at the age of 16, then earned a degree in Creative Writing before pursuing a career as an editor of many genres and in many positions, including roles as the Editor-in-Chief of punctum books, the Editorial Director of SOOP, and Editor of MO Humanities, the biannual magazine from Missouri Humanities.

Andrew founded Editwright, a publishing consultancy, in 2012 and speaks to arts and entrepreneurial organizations on topics including publishing and editing.


  • All About Editing 
  • Book Editing for Self-Publishing Authors 
  • Everything You Need to Know About Self-Publishing
  • How to Edit: Self-Editing and Using Editors 
  • Managing Expectations for the Editing Process 
  • Self-Publishing 101: What, Why, How 
  • The Self-Publishing Revolution

Fee: Negotiable
Expense Reimbursement: negotiable
Website: www.editwright.com

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