A Journey Toward Purpose and Promise

Author: Dr. Brandy S. Peoples
ISBN: 978-1-7347748-0-1
Price: $14.95 Paperback / $7.99 E-book
Page Count/Binding: 106 pages / paperback
Publisher: Dr. Brandy S. Peoples LLC
Available through:
Amazon.com and www.drbrandyspeoples.com

Book Description
What am I born to do? In A Journey Toward Purpose and Promise, Dr. Brandy S. Peoples shares the process that led her directly to the answer. Now she wants to help others also discover God’s plan for their lives. So, if you’re tired of living an existence full of questions with no answers, this book will help you understand that you have purpose and promise. Now let's journey toward possessing them! 

Author Bio 
Dr. Brandy S. Peoples is a licensed psychologist, ordained minister, consultant, and self-published author. She is a helper by nature who is passionate about inspiring others to live a purposeful life.

E-mail: dr.brandypeoples@gmail.com

Website: www.drbrandyspeoples.com

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