Waivering Minds
Author: Chantay M. James
Publisher: Midwest Creations Publishing & Media, LLC

ISBN: 973-1535283847
Price: $11.79 
Page Count/Binding: 322 pages
Available through: AAmazon.com, BARNES&NOBLE.com

Book Description
If there was one thing Celine Baltimore knew (no, two things) they would be: Without the little editor in her head holding back stuff she shouldn’t say before she said it, she would probably be in jail or murdered by a serial killer AND… NEVER take your work home with you! But what is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to do when one of her patients confides that her sister is being used as a guinea pig for crazy tech… and then mysteriously comes up missing? A bad marriage and even worse dating experiences have taught Celine it’s best to play it safe when it comes to relationships. So when she’s left with a child’s journal that paints her world in an ugly shade of horror - PLUS a tall, dark and really, really good looking guy comes knocking, naming her the link to his son’s missing status - what else can she do? Exactly! Jump feet first into a hot bed of espionage, secret societies and all kinds of drama.

Author Bio
Chantay James, winner of the Praize writing contest in 2005 published her very first novel and has been writing ever since. A jack of many trades – all centering around educating and assisting children – she has also served in many areas of ministry. Combining her passions of serving Christ and writing, Chantay strives to help others needing encouragement to fulfill their potential. A devoted mother of one, she lives in St. Louis, Missouri.


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