Cherry Blossoms in Twilight - 
Memories of a Japanese Girl

Authors: Linda E. Austin and Yaeko S. Weldon
Publisher: Moonbridge Publications LLC
ISBN: 978-0-9772323-1-4
Price: $9.95
Page Count/Binding:128pgs / paperback, e-book
Special Info: illustrated
Available through: Ingram, Publisher, Amazon, B&N online

Book Description:
Fascinating true story of the life of a Japanese girl growing up during the Depression, World War II and the Occupation. Ms. Sugama Weldon has shared in wonderful detail the Japanese culture of her time and the bittersweet events of her life. For young teens and older. 

Author Bio: Linda Austin grew up listening to her mother’s stories of childhood in Japan. She shares those memories as a message of humanity and hope.

Battlefield Doc:
Memoirs of a Korean War Combat Medic

Authors: William “Doc” Anderson with Linda E. Austin 
Publisher: Moonbridge Publications LLC
ISBN: 978-0-9772323-3-8
Price: $12.95
Page Count/Binding: 240pp / paperback, e-book
Available through: Ingram, Publisher, Amazon, Barnes &Noble online

Book Description: William “Doc” Anderson was a medic on the front lines during the Korean War. His stories are of saving and losing lives, and how soldiers on the ground battled not only a relentless enemy but blazing hot summers, below-zero winters, and monsoon rain and mud. Doc writes not about the history or politics or strategy, but about real experiences. Suitable for young teens.

Author Bio: "Doc" Anderson served in the US Army as a medic with the 25th Infantry Division during the Korean War. Linda Austin worked with him to edit his notes written in the trenches to turn them into a memoir.
Poems That Come to Mind

Authors: Linda E. Austin
Publisher: Moonbridge Publications LLC
ISBN: 978-0-9772323-2-1
Price: $4.95
Page Count/Bi
nding: 36pp / paperback, e-book
Available through: Publisher, Amazon,

Book Description:
Short poems of mostly Japanese haiku and tanka that capture the beauty and pain of caregiving for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Author Bio: Linda wrote poems during her visits to the nursing home to help care for her mother suffering from Alzheimer’s. She hopes they offer comfort to other caregivers and show there are sweet moments to be found among the tears.

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