What You Should Know About Writing a Book, Before You Start Writing

  • Wednesday, March 12, 2014
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Brentwood Commnity Center

What should you know before you write your book -- besides how to construct a coherent sentence and the difference between a colon and a comma?  Have you thought at all about the process of writing a book, or are you just flying by the seat of your pants?

Presenters Bobbi Linkemer and Eleanor Sullivan are seasoned authors who have written a combined total of thirty-eight published books. What they now know about how to write a book has been learned OTJ (on the job) over the years. At our March meeting, they will share all the things they wish they had known when they were starting out.

You will be ready to write your book after you have learned about:

  1. Writing -- not the craft of writing but the process:  the things to do, the things to avoid doing
  2. The many differences between writing fiction and nonfiction
  3. What it takes to write a book -- any book
  4. The parts of the book you have to write -- besides the chapters
  5. What to do before you write
  6. How to get organized and stay that way
  7. Why you absolutely, without a doubt, need an editor, even if you are an editor

Bobbi Linkemer is a ghostwriter, book-writing coach, and editor, as well as the author of eighteen books. In her forty-five-year career, she has been a feature writer, magazine editor, corporate communicator, marketer, teacher, and entrepreneur. Her passion is helping writers convey their messages through books. She is the creator of “How to Write, Publish, & Promote a Nonfiction Book,” eight online courses for aspiring authors. You can reach her at WriteANonfictionBook.com, bobbi@writeanonfictionbook.com.

Eleanor Sullivan is the award-winning author of books for nurses, the Monika Everhart medical mystery series, and the Singular Village Mystery series set in Zoar, Ohio, the nineteenth century religious settlement of her ancestors. Graven Images is the second book in the series, following the release of Cover Her Body. The third book, Tree of Heaven, is due out in 2015. Connect with her at EleanorSullivan.com and read about nineteenth century lore at EleanorSullivan.com/blog

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