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  • Wednesday, April 14, 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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Michael Daehn, a veteran digital marketer and author, will be presenting to the St. Louis Publisher’s Association on April 14th, 2021 about how authors can use their published books to supercharge their website.

Daehn published his first book, The Seven Keys to Marketing Genius, over a decade ago. He just recently broke it down into individual blog posts and added it to his website. “It’s something I have wanted to do for a long time, but I never got around to it,” said Daehn. “As a marketer, I know the value of adding that content to my website, but the task of turning my book into individual posts was tedious.”

During the pandemic, Daehn got an idea when looking for ways for his 12-year-old son, Ivan, to keep busy and help him with the business. “Turning your book into blog posts involves a lot of copying and pasting, but it is not that complicated. I was able to show my son how to do it and let him work on his own creating the posts for a few hours at a time.”

The results were overwhelming. By turning his book into blog posts, and sharing those posts to social media, he saw his month over month website traffic triple. “I knew it would be good for my site, and search engine optimization, but the results were far greater than I expected.”

When Daehn realized how much blogging his book helped his website, he decided this would be a good way to help authors like himself do the same thing. He has a full-time business building website and email campaigns and decided to add this as a service he can provide to others.

“There are a lot of authors like me that have written books primarily to promote their business, and this is another way to leverage the hard work of writing a book by enhancing your website and social media presence,” said Daehn.

Daehn will be giving a presentation to the St. Louis Publisher’s Association (SLPA) on April 14th to show authors how to take advantage of their published books. “My goal is to show people how this works so that they can do it themselves. The SLPA is a great community of authors helping each other. I have learned a lot from this group and I hope they get some use from this information,” said Daehn.

ZOOM INSTRUCTIONS:  Sign up is free. You can join from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. If it’s your first time, follow the prompts and allow it to access your camera and microphone. Click on this link for the meeting: Meeting ID is 867 8214 4399. Password is 668448.

Michael Daehn, MBA, is an award-winning digital marketer and an expert at helping you get more customers from your website. He has over 30 years of marketing experience, has written 6 books and served as a professor of business at various universities. He has worked with Disney, Nordstrom, Joyce Meyer and many others. Learn more at

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