Oct 12 meeting: Irresistible: Unusual Strategies for Creating Buzz & Demand for Your Book On & Offline

  • Wednesday, October 12, 2011
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Brentwood Community Center

Writing and publishing your book are hard work, yet without the proper marketing strategy your books will end up collecting dust in your basement. In this program,Lethia Owens will share creative and unusual strategies for generating buzz and demand for your book.

With a clear and easy to follow process, you can begin selling more books online, in the back of the room, and through various distribution channels. If you would like to submit specific questions to Lethia prior to the program, please post your question on her Facebook wall athttp://Facebook.LethiaOwens.com/.

Our Presenter:

Lethia Owens is a personal branding and social media strategist, and is ranked #8 among the Top 30 Brand Gurus in the World. She is the founder and CEO of a highly successful speaking, coaching and consulting firm based in St. Louis.

Lethia is an international authority on building your IRRESISTIBLE brand. She is not only a seven-time author and three-time Amazon best-selling author, she is also a certified personal branding and social media strategist who leads people toward greater professional and business success that helps them:
  • Build an Irresistible brand that attracts more opportunities, resources and profits

  • Turn their gifts, talents and passion into their competitive advantage in the marketplace

  • Discover what makes them different and leverage it to help them become more valuable and profitable
Mrs. Owens continues to be a sought-after personal branding and social media strategist working with many of America’s top Fortune 500 companies and enterprising entrepreneurs around the world. With 19+ years in technology and leadership roles for corporate and not-for-profit industry leading organizations, Lethia applies her insights and talents to helping professionals and business owners stand out and get noticed.

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