Audiobooks: From Your Words to Their Ears

  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Richmond Heights Community Center, in The Argus Room

For decades, audiobooks have been looked at as an unattainable medium for independent and self-published authors. But thanks to Amazon creating Audible and their production house ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange), we now have a surplus of opportunities at our fingertips. And with companies like Author’s Republic and Findaway Voices getting involved, this sudden shift in our favor also raises a lot of questions about what direction is best for you. Where will your audiobook be available? What kind of narrator should you choose? How will you pay for them? What additional options does each platform provide? What if you want to put it together yourself?


Author & voice actor George Sirois will address these questions and more with his upcoming presentation, Audiobooks: From Your Words to Their Ears, on Wednesday, September 12 for the St. Louis Publishers Association. Since 2015, he has lent his voice to internal business presentations, promotional materials for authors’ websites, and audiobooks. He has also produced for other authors, including bestseller Sheri Fink’s The Little Rose and The Little Seahorse, and Derek Taylor Kent’s award-winning audiobook Kubrick’s Game.” He has done all of this — the narrating, editing, and producing — on his own in his home studio in Imperial, Missouri, and he looks forward to answering your questions about ACX, Findaway Voices, Author’s Republic, finding the proper talent, creating your own audiobook, what to do with it once it's uploaded, and more!


St. Louis Publishers Association Monthly Meeting:

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The Heights: Richmond Heights Community Center, in The Argus Room

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