The Ins and Outs of Amazon and Getting Your Book Into Book Stores and Beyond

  • Saturday, July 21, 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Westborough Country Club


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Amy Collins, the president of New Shelves Books, one of the best-known book sales and marketing agencies in the US, will present two learning sessions on Saturday morning.

Session 1: The Ins & Outs of What You Need To Know About Selling on Amazon

How do you get your book up on Amazon? What are the financial benefits and risks? How much does it cost, and how much will you make? This workshop covers the best way to get your book on Amazon and what to do to increase sales once it is up there, as well as:

  • The different ways you can get your book listed on Amazon, and the benefits of each method
  • How to make your Amazon page look terrific and attract more shoppers
  • How to find and use the right keywords to drive readers to your book page
  • What ads and marketing you can do to increase sales (and which ones to avoid!)
  • How to increase your chances of turning a “look” into a “buy”

Session 2: Available Wherever Books are Sold: How to Get Your Book into Bookstores & Beyond

Competition is stiff for shelf space in Costco, Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, supermarkets, airport stores, and bookstores. But you can grab your share if you know the rules! Amy Collins has the playbook on how to work with all these stores, because that's exactly what she does five days a week! She'll show you how you can do it, too, and teach you the right way to approach big stores as well as supermarket chains and airport bookstores.

You will learn:

  • An overview of the kinds of books national chains, airport stores, and supermarkets want to see
  • What they buy and when they buy them... timing is critical!
  • How to work with the buyers, merchandisers, and marketing departments at these big stores
  • What you must know about getting into libraries
  • How to know if your book belongs in a certain chain and whether there's room on their shelves for it
  • Five questions to ask yourself before you approach the stores
  • How to change their minds if they say no

Join Amy Collins for these two special workshops hosted by the St. Louis Publishers Association at the Westborough Country Club on July 21.

Amy Collins is a speaker and marketing expert and a highly recommended sales consultant for some of the largest book and library retailers and wholesalers in the publishing industry. She is on the national advisory board for IngramSpark and is a board member of Author U, a featured columnist for THEBOOKDESIGNER, BookWorks, and IBPA, and a trusted teacher in the world of small press publishers.


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