Self-Publisher or Traditional Publisher?

  • Wednesday, November 09, 2016
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • THE HEIGHTS: Richmond Heights Community Center Argus Room

Vanilla or chocolate? Salt or pepper? Self-publish or traditionally publish? Much as your tastes vary, the options for publishing vary as well. The question is: What is right for you? Join us as Donna Heckler, an author who has published both with a traditional publishing house and as a self-publisher, compares and contrasts the methodologies, the pricing, and the support from these different options. Hear this marketing expert by day share the marketing ins and outs of these two publication options and which method proved more valuable to her.

The traditional publication route has many benefits, from the knowledge that a recognized publisher is supporting an author’s work to the fact that an advance may be paid. But with those advantages are some potential challenges, such as control over the work and timeliness to market. While each traditional publisher is different, there are some commonalities regarding traditional publishing that will be addressed. Likewise, there are many benefits (as well as a few pitfalls) when considering self-publication. Explore the benefits of retaining control of your material while dictating the timing of your book launch. Compare the benefits to some of the self-publishing challenges of cost, book quality, and book distribution.

On Nov 9, Donna Heckler will be interviewed by a member of the SLPA Board in order to ensure that all of the many questions regarding publishing options are raised and addressed. Topics that will be explored include: book pricing, timing, material control, marketing, book events, PR, editing, layout, printing, online delivery, costs, sales, and distribution. Expect to learn a lot — if all goes well, you may come to a decision regarding the publishing method that is right for you and your manuscript.

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