Perfect Pitch: Developing an Irresistible Elevator Speech to Sell Your Book

  • Wednesday, March 11, 2015
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Brentwood Community Center
“What’s your book about?” The question is easy. But answering it can give you a bad case of the stutters.

Join us, and our speaker Patrick Dorsey in March and learn the ins and outs of an effective elevator pitch. Patrick will share a proven pitch writing technique that is ideal for authors who need to speak fluently and briefly about their work.

Patrick will shed light on what you should say, in what order you should say it and he will even give you tips on how to deliver it.

During the session, you will get a chance to write an elevator pitch for your book. For those willing to deliver their pitches during the session, Patrick will provide feedback, tips and ideas.

What is an elevator pitch?
It is a compelling description that piques curiosity and provides an overview of your book. You can use it to explain why your book is important and what makes it worth reading. Your pitch should be short and take less than 10 seconds to say.

An elevator pitch is not just for elevators. You will use it at book signings, media appearances, networking events and even parties. It’s the best way to spread the word about your book. After all, anyone who asks about your book might become a reader, a fan or a word-of-mouth advertiser.

A good elevator pitch is the cornerstone of your elevator speech. The speech is a longer explanation that not only describes your book but also explains why you’re the perfect person to have written it, what readers love about it, and how people will benefit from reading it.

“Authors tend to be a solitary lot, working long hours and late into the night to get that plot point, that character trait, or that first paragraph just right,” said Patrick. “Successful authors do that, and they know how to talk to people about their books so that they want to read — and buy — them.”

With a great elevator pitch and elevator speech, you’ll be reaching more people, creating more interest and selling more books than ever before.

About the Speaker
Patrick Dorsey has spent his career as a professional business writer helping people and businesses tell their stories. A technical/business communication consultant and owner of Mightier Than The Sword Consulting, he is also the co-founder of indie publisher Legendary Planet

He’s been a natural storyteller his whole life, beginning in first grade when he started stapling together crayoned pages to make his own books. He’s the author of the Knights Templar adventure novel God’s Forge (his first novel published without a stapler or crayons) and the upcoming The Champion Sky. Currently, he's serving as vice-president of the SLPA.

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