Publishing Law 101 for Authors

  • Wednesday, November 12, 2014
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Brentwood Community Center

No one writes a book alone. If you are an author or self-publisher, you know you need experts to help you create books that people will buy and read and give as gifts.

In fact, you probably have a list of experts you call on for every book you write. But did you know that a very important person on your list should be a literary attorney?

At our November meeting, you will meet one of the best in Missouri undefined Jean Maneke undefined who will tell you why an attorney is every author’s best friend. Most important, she will answer the questions few authors and self-publishers ask because you didn't know there were questions!

Here are some of the points Jean will cover:

  • Why the Internet isn’t a “free for all”
  • How to avoid being sued
  • What to do if your publisher has made changes to your book that you don’t like
  • How to get your book back when your publisher isn’t marketing it
  • Why you should never sign a contract without having an attorney review it first
  • What you need to know about fair use and what it covers
  • What to do if your subject matter is controversial and will make people angry
  • How to avoid breaking copyright laws you didn't know about
  • What to do when a client refuses to pay you
  • Why small claims court is a total waste of time, money, and energy
  • Why every manuscript should be “vetted” by an attorney before it goes to the printer

About Our Speaker

Jean Maneke, of The Maneke Law Group in Kansas City, has been practicing media law for more than twenty years. She represents a wide range of intellectual-property clients undefined from publishers, authors, and newspapers to freelance writers, photographers, and film producers.

She is best known as the attorney for the Missouri Press Association, for whom she has worked since 1991. Prior to that, Jean worked for many years as in-house counsel to an international media-law insurance company, where she had the opportunity to “vet” many manuscripts by questionable authors, including one about life with Elvis Presley.

Before that, she was a journalist at the Kansas City Times(the morning edition of the Kansas City Star), where she wrote a business-law column, and at the Springfield News-Leader.

Her firm is a member of the Media Law Resource Center's media defense lawyers group and the media law committees of the Missouri Bar and the Kansas City Bar Association.


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