Do You Need a Book Trailer?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 10:59 AM | Linda Austin (Administrator)
Book trailers are like movie trailers, providing a visually exciting preview to attract readers. Hopefully. While videos aren't that difficult to create using the free Windows Movie Maker or the free Movie Maker for Mac undoubtedly already installed on your computer, you do need to know how to make your video look as professional as possible with type of photos or video clips, sound, timing, etc. A badly made video is worse than no video. Of course, you could hire a professional to make one for you, if you can afford it and determine it worth the cost. TV writer, producer and novelist Lee Goldberg tells us why you shouldn't make a book trailer. He echoes SLPA president and master publicity hound Bob Baker's thoughts that simple video clips of the author or a fan talking about the book pleasantly "breaks the fourth barrier" with that up-close-and-personal touch. Don't be afraid to be you, smile, and have a short chat with your potential readers. You can upload your video to YouTube (be sure to add pertinent tags) and then upload to your website or blog. There are a couple SLPA members whose companies can help you create a polished personal video, too. 
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