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Friday, July 01, 2016 2:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
More than fifty people attended SLPA’s book marketing workshop, “How to Build an Audience, Grow Your List, and Sell More Books!” with special guest speaker Shawn Manaher, founder of Book Marketing Tools and of The Author Hangout podcast interview series. The event was a huge success! SLPA prepared for this special event with frequent posts on social media sites and announcements at SLPA’s monthly meetings.

Participants were eager to start and ready to learn. The room was filled with a wide range of authors, some were from newbies to those with several published books. and others with more experience.

The event promotion blast stated: This workshop will be action-packed and highly interactive. Indeed! This three-hour workshop was structured into segments with audience participation and group exercises such as: 

•  How to create a reader profile in 10 minutes or less

•  The ONE social media platform you should be using today

•  How to use blogging, podcasting, social media, and email to delight your readers

•  How to set up and use Aweber and MailChimp

•  The five important things right most landing pages do wrong

•  Setting and accomplishing your book marketing goals in the next 90 days

Shawn Manaher’s presentation was clear, concise, and well organized. He kept the audience engaged with examples, and stories. When questions were raised, he provided specific, easy-to-comprehend answers.

Here’s what people said about the workshop:

“The presentation by Shawn Manaher was well worth my Saturday morning. The three hours were packed with a large amount of relevant information and well organized. Shawn seems to understand his audience and how overwhelming the information can appear and keeps that in mind as he moves quickly through the material. Every section included information that a writer needs to know to successfully market a book. My takeaways filled two pages even after editing the following day! Thank you Shawn. —Cheri Postill


“This was an information-dense, practical and altogether useful workshop on book marketing and promotion. The lessons apply well beyond books, extending in general brand development and promotion. Well done!” —Jack Frosch


“The workshop was loaded with information, but, for me, I truly appreciated Shawn helping us to systematically chip away at what is one of the scariest parts of being an author—marketing! He was very generous and kind… a wonderful workshop!” —Deborah Gambill


“Shawn provided lots of information and really tried to give us our money’s worth for our 3 hours. It motivated me to finish up a few loose ends and got me started thinking about tackling some new things. Very worthwhile. Thanks.
—Kathy Bussmann


“Excellent presentation and workbook to go with it! If Shawn has another presentation topic in addition to today’s, let’s invite him back!” —Linda Senn


“I suggested that SLPA invite Shawn Manaher to provide this year’s workshop not knowing for sure how he’d be as a workshop leader, but certain he’d offer a lot of good information. I was extremely pleased with his presentation, style, information and interactive approach to the morning and the topics! I was also unexpectedly featured as his “first fan,” which was flattering and touching. I filled his workshop participant’s booklet with my notes on his fill-in pages AND my own notes on “to-do’s” on the backs of most of those notes pages! I now have many months (years) of book marketing projects, improvements and ideas to follow-up on. But, all I want to do is WRITE! Thanks, SLPA/SLWG and Shawn!” —Sally Ember, Ed.D.


“Yesterday was the second workshop I have attended that SLPA sponsored, and it was one of the best I’ve ever participated in. I know the information Shawn shared will help me in moving my newest book, “Delectable Destinations: A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Missouri” to the next level.” —Deborah Reinhardt, Girl Power Publishing


“The workshop was extremely insightful! The knowledge I gained has helped me kickstart my marketing plan already; working on my new website as we speak!” —Christine Schulze


“Shawn Manaher gave a brilliant presentation. It was thought provoking and offered numerous ideas for building your list, clarifying your audience, and marketing your book(s). Shawn seems to have found his perfect niche in working with writers. His workshop was heart-felt.”  —Jean Walters author, Set Yourself Free, Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible, and Dreams and the Symbology of Life


“Shawn gave a fantastic presentation full of useful information. He was a fully prepared speaker who kept it moving along and took the time to quickly clear up any questions. More people should speak that way.” —John Milford


“This was a great use of my time. I walked away with multiple pages of notes and most importantly several actionable items that will improve the reach and impact of my book marketing. Shaun did a great job of keeping the session fun and engaging. I really value his approach to identifying the vital few next actions.” —Jan Torrisi-Mokwa


“Shawn remained personable and approachable throughout the three-hour workshop, and had great rapport with the audience. … ” —Khrys Vaughan

SLPA recommends Shawn Manaher to speak at your event without reservation!



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