Quality illustrations can really bring a book to life and for some genres (especially Children's Stories and Gift Books) pictures are essential. There are many different illustration styles you can use for your projects, so do your research! And ask to see a portfolio of the artist's work. The illustrators listed here are members of SLPA. They attend our meetings when their schedules permit. Feel free to contact them directly any time to discuss your project. They will be happy to supply an estimate.


Lynnette Schuepbach

CREATIVE SOURCES: Illustrations tell the story.


A great story turns into a magical story when combined with compelling illustration. Bright colors keep young readers interested. Various methods available to enhance your story in just the right way. Choose from watercolors, pen & ink, woodburning, colored pencils. You choose the style.

Let us tell your story visually.

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Contact: Lynnette Schuepbach
Address: 105 N. Harvest Crest Ct., Highland, IL 62249
Phone: 618-558-0054




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