Sugar Hill –
Where The Sun Rose Over Harlem

Author: Terry Baker Mulligan
Publisher: Impulse Press
ISBN: 9780984692903
Price: $17.99
Special Info: Illustrations, Index
Page Count/Binding: 293 pages / paperback
Available through: Ingram,, Left Bank Books, Subterranean Bookstore,, St. Louis Community College, Hue-Man Books (in NYC)

Book Description
Using Harlem’s cultural institutions and memorable characters as her backdrop, Mulligan writes joyously about weathering adolescence while history unfolds around her. This feel-good story resonates with humor and warmth as she chronicles her life among evangelists, curly-haired doo wop boys, snuff-dipppers, Fidel Castro’s entourage, interracial marriage, chitlin’ parties and testy interactions between West Indians and Southern blacks. 

Meet Mr. Big B, the neighborhood numbers banker; join her at the Apollo for Thursday matinees and visit Smalls Paradise and the Hot Cha, when she and her father go bar-hopping on Sunday mornings. She befriends baseball’s Willie Mays in the shoeshine parlor, paints posters for the 1957 March on Washington, and tries, but fails to ingratiate herself into junior black society. This book is a living document of mid 20th-Century Harlem with appeal for all America.

 2012 Independent Publishers Award Winner: First Place Gold Medal for Adult Multicultural Non-Fiction

Author Bio 
Terry Baker Mulligan was born and raised on Sugar Hill, in Harlem. She is married, has two grown sons and now lives in St.Louis, MO, where she teaches writing at St. Louis Community College. This is her first book.

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