Pace’s Post:
Ramblings Of Wisdom From A Middle-Aged Doc

Author: Victor M. Pace, MD
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
ISBN: 9781642375299 (paperback) 9781642375183 (ebook)
Price: $16.95 paperback, 9.95 ebook
Page Count/Binding: 294
Available through:,, Kobo, Google Play, Apple iBookstore 

Book Description

As a family medicine physician, with 29 years of medical experiences, and 55 years of life experiences, this book is a compilation of values, ideas, and journeys. The purpose being to help enrich and balance out one's mind, body, and soul. The words written are intended for all adolescent and adult age groups crossing all spectrums. You love traveling, hobbies, activities, family time, philosophical ideals? It's all here wrapped up in one book.

Author Bio 
Victor M. Pace, MD, FAAFP is a family medicine physician who has published several articles in the GCMS Journal. Dr. Pace has a personal blog on Facebook (Pace’s Post). He has over 25 years of providing quality medical care.


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