Ordinarily Extraordinary

Author: Patrick P. Long
Publisher: Paddy P. Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 978-1735105505
Price: $14.99 (paperback) and $4.99 (Kindle)
Page Count/Binding: 242 pages / Perfect Binding (soft cover paperback)
Available through: Amazon and also registered with Ingram so available anywhere books are sold

Book Description   
When his wife, Melanie, suffers a terrifying cancer-induced stroke, Patrick strives to maintain normalcy for their children. As they battle cancer and doctors, Patrick candidly reflects on marital clashes, failures, and regrets. When the fight is taken from them, he vows that they will thrive in the extraordinary world revealed by Melanie’s gracious spirit in this captivatingly unique and rare true story. 

Author Bio
Patrick P. Long is a father and widower living in St. Louis. Patrick's wife, Melanie, passed from breast cancer in 2019. He avidly supports the American Cancer Society and Camp Kesem, a camp for children of parents with cancer.

E-mail: patrickp@patrickplong.com
Website: http://www.patrickplong.com

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