Conversations About Autism:
Real-Life Experiences of Struggle, Acceptance, and Hope

Author: Debbie Frick
Publisher: Black Comet Press

ISBN: 978-1-7332556-0-8
Price: $14.99 
Page Count/Binding: 190 pages 
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Book Description
Conversations About Autism offers a connection for families of the one in 59 children diagnosed each year with autism spectrum disorder. The real experts, parents of children with autism, share intimate stories to help others through the challenges and blessings of raising a child on the spectrum. Facilitated by Debbie Frick, a retired educator, they discuss topics from language and sensory issues to financial concerns and family isolation.

Author Bio
Debbie Frick, a retired educator, spent more than twenty years learning about autism from professional articles, books, and parents of children on the spectrum. She wrote two graduate papers on autism spectrum disorder and talked to thirteen families for this book.


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