The Time of Long Shadows –
Book One of the Long Shadows Series

Author: Jeff Neilsen
Publisher: Jeff Neilsen
ISBN: 13-978-1-7322105-0-9 
Price: $15.95
Page Count/Binding: 422 / Perfect
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Book Description
The Time of Long Shadows centers around a young man, who discovers that he has abilities that he never knew he had. War exists between men and a race of Giants. War between men looms on the horizon. The characters are designed to draw younger readers to identify with them. The Time of Long Shadows takes the reader through the growth of the central character, as a Warrior, and as a man. 

Author Bio
Jeff Neilsen is a life-long St. Louisan, and avid reader. He is retired from a very full career in healthcare. As a new writer, he is seeking his first commercial publishing credit. He currently has a book series, a book of short stories, and several of novels in preparation.

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