Hilltop Doc

A Marine Corpsman Fighting Through the Mud and Blood of the Korean War
Author: Leonard Adreon
Publisher: Leonard Adreon

ISBN: 978-0-9960225-5-2 (print) 978-0-9960225-6-9 (ebook)
Price: $14.95 print book, $8.99 ebook
Page Count/Binding: 244 pages 
Available through: hilltopdoc.com, Amazon, Bookbaby, Barnes and Noble on line and Book House in Maplewood

Book Description
Hilltop Doc is a powerful emotional story of the war between the Chinese Army and the US Marines as they battled to take and hold the high ground at the 38th Parallel in Korea as seen through the eyes of a Marine corpsman. The mutual respect and esprit de corps between the corpsmen and Marines dominate the riveting battle circumstances described in crisp detail in the book.

Author Bio 
After returning from the Korean War, Leonard Adreon spent 36 years as the Executive Vice President of The Siteman Organization, a St. Louis real estate development company. At the present time he facilitates writing courses at the Life Long Learning program adreons@charter.net at Washington University in St. Louis.


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