Heroes and Hooligans –
Growing Up in the City of Saints

Author: Dennis Ganahl
Publisher: Dennis Ganahl
ISBN: print 978-0-692-86141-7
ISBN: e book 978-0-692-86150-9
Price: $14.99
Page Count/Binding: 2962 pages
Available through: Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Nook, iTunes

Book Description
Ganahl's debut coming-of-age historical fiction novel about growing up in St. Louis in 1963. The novel is full of funny stories that are full of St. Louis memories. After Mickey and his friends escape the nuns, the boys spend their summer playing baseball, mumblety-peg, sleeping out, crawling through sewers, going to the drive-in and avoiding the bullies that want to take their money. It’s like eating a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy. It’s comfort food.

Author Bio
Dennis Ganahl is a professor at UMSL where he teaches Copywriting. He is an Indie publisher and a member of SLWG and SLPA.He’s been a weekly newspaper publisher in Mid-Missouri and a graduate of the University of Missouri and his doctorate degree is in Education and Journalism.

Email: Dennis.Ganahl@me.com

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