The Art of Healing
Author: Jeanne Felfe
Publisher: Parallel Pathways, LLC

ISBN: 978-0-9670185-1-5
Price: $15.99 paperback, $4.99 ebook
Page Count/Binding: 264 pages, Perfect Bound 
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Book Description:
  Julianne is content with her life as a pediatric nurse. She is following her every dream, or so she believes. After her idyllic world is shattered, she must reconcile her lost past to rediscover her deepest passion.

Jokob, a world-renowned photographer, lives a life most could only imagine with his wife Keara—until cancer delivers a direct and devastating slam. He walls himself off, focusing solely on his art.

When one of Jokob’s photos brings them together, even love may not be enough to keep them that way. Tragic circumstances and long silent dreams work to sever their bond. Can they each find a way to heal, love, and follow dreams together?

Author Bio: Jeanne has been writing for decades, but only seriously since 2012. Jeanne writes emotionally-based stories in multiple genres, always seeking to reach into the depths of her character's hearts. Originally from Texas, she's lived in the St. Louis area since 1986. When not writing, you can find her gardening, reading, playing with her pups, or hanging out at the pool.


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