Louis Cardinals Uniforms and Logos: An Illustrated History

Author:  Gary Kodner and Oliver Kodner
Publisher:  St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum
ISBN:  978-0-692-77838-8
Price:  $29.95
Page Count/binding:  120

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Book description
St. Louis Cardinals Uniforms and Logos: An Illustrated History, a high-quality hardback 120-page coffee-table style book that takes a journey through the evolution of the Cardinals uniforms and logos. The team anticipates high demand for this one-of-a-kind, visual and graphic history of the Cardinals. This book presents that history in all its wonderful twists and turns, and will be a great reference for Cardinals fans or anyone who enjoys the subject of baseball team uniforms.

This beautifully illustrated catalog, illustrates and details every St. Louis Cardinals logo and uniform from 2016, all the way back to 1882. Years of research and design have culminated in this book showcasing over 300 drawings and 400 photos of jersey graphics, cap emblems, lettering, patches and more. In addition to the chronological timeline documenting the history of the St. Louis Cardinals uniform, this book explores variations of Cardinals logos used for promotional items, signs, scorecards, merchandise and more.

“The Cardinals have one of the most iconic logos and uniforms in all of sports,” said Gary Kodner, the book’s author and illustrator. “When people see the ‘Birds on the Bat’, they know exactly what they are looking at and instantly associate it with the city of St. Louis.”

Author bio
Gary Kodner has worked as a graphic design consultant to the St. Louis Cardinals since 1982. The idea of producing this book dates back to 1996-1997 when he worked closely with Bill DeWitt III, who set out to redesign the Cardinals logos and uniform graphics. In 2011, Gary was called on again by DeWitt to help review and digitize the Cardinals’ archive of historical logos and graphics. That body of work provided the foundation for this comprehensive review. Born and raised in St. Louis, Gary still has his childhood drawings of Bob Gibson, attesting to his lifelong fandom.



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