Alive, Alaska
Author: Leander Beatty Jr
Publisher: Mountain Mist Productions

ISBN: 0-9708326-0-5
Price: $8.37 (USA) / $10.95 (AUD)
Page Count/Binding: 133pgs 
Available through: Mountain Mist Productions and Amazon (E-Book - $3.99)

Book Description:
  ROLAND is a decent young man who has had it with life. Thus, he decides to commit suicide. First, he takes one last trip to the Catskill Mountains. On the way, he saves a man’s life, who “rewards” him with a fishing trip to Alaska. While there, Roland somehow lands at place that’s not even on the map. This mysterious place is called “Alive, Alaska”, where the past still lives and dreams come true.

Author Bio: I am a transplant from New York, living in Saint Louis since 1997. I am married, a Christian, aspiring author and a devout fisherman. If God will allow, I will one day retire to write and fish full-time.


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